our board of directors


The non-profit corporation Vanderbilt Student Communications, Inc. was established in 1967 to provide an independent structure for student media operations serving the Vanderbilt University campus. The corporation is governed by a Board of Directors composed of three faculty and five student voting members. The Board oversees the operation of the corporation in compliance with its Bylaws and Operational Policies.  

2021-22 board of directors


Joe Rando (A&S), chair

Lecturer, Managerial Studies

Lauren Kysar (Dean of Students Staff)

Director of Finance and Chief Business Officer, Dean of Students Office

Roshaunda Ross-Orta (Office of Student Organizations, Leadership, and Service)

Assistant Director

Elisabeth Sandberg (A&S)

Senior Lecturer in Psychology


Madison Hitchcock (student representative)

Immanual John Milton (student representative)

Olivia Gordon (student representative alternative)



Chris Carroll, director of Student Media 

Paige Clancy, board secretary